If you review the 2 body wrap bag systems, you’ll notice that Sudatonic is almost identical to the FIT body wrap. Both of the body wrap bags are manufactured in China, extremely inexpensive to build and readily available for anyone with an internet connection. If you go onto, for example, you’ll see them selling for $500.00 to $1500.00 and are really designed for home use.

In a commercial environment, body wrap bag systems can fail in 6-8 months and the entire body bag has to be replaced. Other big issues relevant to these body wrap bags are the difficulty in cleaning inside, which in some cases have developed a bad odor. Body wrap bags are also difficult to reach the required temperatures to increase the body core heat essential for fat break down, pain management and detox. The end result is inch loss due to water loss from sweat, water that Mother Nature returns within a few days. Clients also tend to be claustrophobic in the bags, and since they can’t target specific areas like inner thighs, for example, tend to get minimal results.

A very popular salon chain was given several of the bags to their locations where we already had Formostar’s installed. They were placed side by side and used as a comparison for a certain period of time. In every application at every salon, the store managers returned the body wrap bags early, stating there was no comparison to Formostar.

Only products that do exactly what the seller claims, whether a tanning bed, lotion or a body wrap, will help clients with years of increased success.

Formostar Body Wrap is the highest quality far infrared system on the market today. We personally manufacture the unit in the U.S. in Las Vegas, which gives us a nice edge in quality control, where our competitors are basically sales people for a Chinese manufacturer. We have Formostar’s currently in the field, which were sold over 20 years ago. I’m personally celebrating my 19th year with Formostar!