Alex Royter — Solar Dimensions 20 locations in greater Atlanta area What Clients Are Saying

Formostar has been a great addition to my practice. My patients are very happy with the results. They find that it works really well to reduce areas like the thighs, stomach and love handles.

Alexander Rivkin, M.D.
11645 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90025

We have been using the system at my West Hollywood office for about four months now. Initially, I was skeptical after reading company provided “testimonials” touting a myriad of “miraculous results.” After personally treating a number of patients and continuing to speak to current patients having ongoing treatments, I have come to the opinion that the procedure does indeed produce visible and measurable results in most patients. Obviously results and satisfaction will vary depending on each individual patient’s unique situation and expectations. I am pleased that the procedure offers an effective non surgical option for those patients unable or not yet needing a more invasive surgical procedure. The majority of patients tend to be very satisfied after undergoing a series of treatments and continue to return for “touch ups”.I’m happy that we are now incorporating the system in our Brentwood office as I believe that it will benefit our practice and more importantly our clients.

Thank You,
Robert Cohen, M.D.

I use the Formostar at least twice a week and have notice a huge difference in my energy, my back pain, and last but definitely not least my waist! The 50 min treatment is super relaxing and really does fill the void of a real cardio workout when I am not able to make it to the gym.

I have a history of mid back pain, and being on my feet for 8 hours of the day doesn’t help. The Formostar has made a huge impact in my tired and achy back. The continuous heat is delivered deep to my muscles and joints, increasing the blood flow to those areas and therefore stimulating a healing affect.

In addition to its pain relieving effects, I have noticed a difference in my outer thigh area, or “saddlebags” as well as my love handles; two areas where I think I could have used some extra help. My thighs are smoother and slimmer since I have been consistent with the treatment.

All in all, the Formostar is an easy and relaxing way to slim down and do good for your body! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Maryam Younessi, PA-C

“So far every client that has bought a session has loved it. The Formostar Body Wrap System is a one of a kind. We are expanding to make room for another one.” – Marshall Habba, VIP Day Spa, Michigan

“Thanks for coming up and sharing your knowledge with us all! Our formostar is well on the way to paying for itself. I started using the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap System in my locations over a year ago. I have, along with my clients experienced the benefits from it for sore and stiff muscles. We have also had great success with the weight loss and detox benefits, our training was great and the system is very easy to use.”

Michelle Wilson, Body Wrap Shop, Texas

“Formostar adds a whole new dimensions to the business… and during the time when we need it most. Plus, Formostar clients create a great cross-selling opportunity for you to introduce clients to sunless, tanning, etc. Just make sure to put out a classy looking tip-jar or something similar as your staff will LOVE getting gratuities for this service, making them work harder to enhance your customers’ experience.”

Alex Royter, Owner, Solarium/Solar Dimensions, Atlanta

“I have had the Formostar Body Wrap units in my Day Spas in Puerto Rico for a few years. The weight loss and pain management benefits, coupled with the firming gel, have been a very important tool to my business’ success. I would recommend Formostar to any new or existing spa or salon wanting a fresh, new experience for their clients.”

—Michelle Arce,

Zen Spa, Puerto Rico

Dear Tim & Formostar Body Wrap,

I am writing to let you know that for the first time our company, A Healthier You received a prescription for the Formostar body wrap system from a doctor. We had it approved by the insurance company. We are so excited and are looking forward to many more. A doctor prescribed it for a client that was in an automoblie accident. The infrared treatment is very good for this type of injury and more. We put a moist towel under the injured area, then wrapped the whole body. The client is doing much better. Thanks for such a versatile system.”

— Michele,

A Healthier You, Pennsylvania